Frequently asked questions

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How Airband Works

How does Airband deliver broadband?

Airband delivers internet using fixed wireless technology. This works by passing a signal from a radio on one of our transmitters, to a small radio receiver on your property. From the receiver, a cable is run into your property allowing you to connect to the internet internally in the same way as fibre or ADSL. Simple as that!

Do I need a phone line?

No. That’s part of the beauty of Airband – no phone line, no line rental! Airband is brought to you using a wireless signal to a small radio receiver on your property.

If you would like to cut out your line rental charge with your phone service provider, you can also use your ordinary phone over the internet using VoIP – find out more here.

Is fixed wireless technology safe?

Yes. There has been considerable research conducted into radio waves and there is no evidence at all to suggest any links to health problems. You’ll find that radio waves surround us everywhere – Mobile phones, FM/AM radio and television, using much more power than our technology.

In fact, in a study by the World Health Organisation, they found that the body absorbs up to 5x more of the radio wave FM signal from radio and television than from fixed wireless – and don’t get us started on mobile phones!

What is Line of Sight and how do I know if I have it?

The Airband technology requires Line of Sight – a clear path between the radio receiver on a property and a radio on one of our transmitters. It’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean you have to physically see our transmitter from your doorstep – Line of Sight is determined by our advanced software and skilled engineers. 

If your postcode/premise is covered by us, place your order and you can leave the rest to us. The team here at Airband will conduct a desktop survey using our advanced mapping software to see whether there is a clear Line of Sight to get a broadband connection to you.

Occasionally, it may be that the desktop survey results are inconclusive, and in this event, one of our friendly engineers will perform an on-site survey at your property before installing the Airband equipment.

Will fixed wireless still work in bad weather?

Yes! The technology and frequencies used travel through all sorts of weather conditions without problems. In fact, fixed wireless technology is used all over the world in climates much more challenging than the UK!

Getting Airband

How do I get Airband?

If you haven’t already done so, check your postcode in our postcode checker. If we have a network in your area, you’ll be given more information and the option to order if possible.

If you’ve tried this and we haven’t got a service in your area, don’t worry, there are options. Make sure you register your interest, and if a service does become available in your area, you’ll be the first to know.

We’re always looking to expand and help more people get connected, so if you’re in an area where everyone suffers from poor broadband, why not set up a community project? Read more about setting up a Community Project here.

How do I set up a Community Project?

If, like many, you’re fed up of the slow broadband in your area, you can always set up a Community Project. This involves you working with Airband to bring your community together and raise interest in bringing Airband to your village, town or parish.

What do I do if I want to sign up to Airband but I’m still in contract with another supplier?

As Airband is delivered to you using wireless technology, you can actually have Airband installed whilst still having your other ‘wired’ connection live at the same time.

We do advise that you don’t cancel your current broadband connection until your Airband connection is installed and live, just in case we have the rare situation where we can’t get a connection to your property.

Do I get an email account/address when I join Airband?

No, Airband don’t supply email addresses, so you can choose whichever email service you would like. There are lots of free email services you can choose from: Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo to name a few.

Can I keep my existing email address?

You sure can if it is a free email service such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. If you have an email address with your current broadband provider, you may be able to keep it, but it’s best to contact them and check whether it’s possible and find out if there’s anything you need to do.


What will the radio receiver on the outside of my property look like?

They are much smaller and more discreet than TV aerials and satellite dishes. The way we usually describe it is that it’s around the size of a 1 litre milk carton (in fact, it’s a bit smaller!).

When can I expect the installation to take place after ordering?

On receiving your order, we’ll be in touch to arrange a suitable date for one of our engineers to visit and carry out a survey-to-install.

The time between ordering and a survey to install can be up to six weeks in our busy periods, however, our general aim is for an engineer to visit you within one to three weeks.

What is a survey-to-install?

When Airband receive an order, we first get our mapping team to perform a computer-based survey using advanced software. If the results are positive and a connection is likely, an engineer will then be sent out to your property.

When an engineer visits, they first have to perform an onsite survey to check that a connection is definitely possible, and if so, they will continue and install your broadband service. This is our ‘survey-to-install’ process and just means that our engineers can survey and install in the same visit.

Will the engineer need to come inside the property to install?

Yes, the engineer will need access to the inside of your property in order to carry out your installation.

Can I decide where the radio will be on my property?

The radio will need to be positioned in order to achieve Line of Sight to the transmitter so we can get a broadband signal to your property.

Our engineers will always try to find the most discreet place possible whilst still obtaining Line of Sight, and will discuss everything with you before any work is carried out.

Will the engineer set up my router?

Airband are only responsible for bringing a broadband connection to your property and not for how your internal router or WiFi network is set up.

Manufacturers usually include simple step-by-step guides to setting up your router or there’s plenty of help and guides online.

What if Airband can’t bring me a service?

If our engineer performs a survey-to-install and is unable to get a connection, our team will then look into other solutions and will return at a later date if we are able to find a way to bring a connection to you.

No monies will be taken from your account until your connection is live. If we are unable to connect you, we recommend looking into the possibility of satellite broadband.


When are payments taken?

Payments are taken on the 2nd of each month, and you’ll receive your bill around 10 days before the payment is taken.

Will I be charged if I exceed my data allowance?

If your contract isn’t unlimited, you will be charged if you exceed the limit set in your package.

We try to help you avoid this where possible, so you’ll be sent an email when you have used 60% of your data allowance, another at 90% and then when you’ve reached 100%. If you think you need to upgrade your data allowance, give our team a call on 01905 676121 or an email on [email protected] and we’ll talk you through your options.

What do I do if my banking details change?

Give us a quick call on 01905 676121 and we can take your new details over the phone and update your account.

Do Airband charge a call out fee?

Generally, no. We’ll always try to identify and fix any problems remotely – most of the time any issues can be remedied over the telephone. If the problem does need an engineer, we’ll arrange the best date/time for a visit and won’t charge for a visit unless it has been specified and explicitly explained beforehand.

Your Broadband Service

How long is my contract?

Your contract is 24months from the date of installation. After 24months, your contract will become a rolling month-to-month contract.

We of course don’t want you to leave, but if you do choose to cancel before the 24month contract is up you will be charged 80% of the amount outstanding on the contract. If you’re cancelling because you’re moving house, we’ll waive this fee if the new occupants would like to take the same Airband package.

Will my signal boosting device work?

Whilst signal boosting devices (such as Vodafone Sure Signal) work in most cases on the Airband network, we cannot guarantee that they will work, and do not provide support on such devices.

WiFi Calling is now viewed as the best way to use mobile phone calls supported by the internet. Read our guide here >>

What kind of router do I need?

To work with fixed wireless technology, you’ll need to have a Cable Compatible Router as opposed to an ADSL router. Read more about the type of router you need in our Choosing Your Router guide.

What happens if I’m moving house?

We ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you are moving house so we can organise any arrangements quickly and hassle-free.

Great news if we can get Airband to your new property – we’ll just move your connection and continue your contract at your new property for just a small installation fee.

If we can’t get Airband at your new property, the good news is that if the new occupants wish to take the Airband service on the same package, we’ll waive any cessation fee once they’re signed up.

If you are moving and looking to just cancel your contract, the standard cancellation policy applies.

Do I need a fixed IP address?

A ‘static’ or ‘fixed’ IP address is only really needed if you intend to host your own file or FTP server.

Airband provides all residential customers with a dynamic IP address, and can supply a fixed IP address if requested for business customers (this means that you have to have an Airband business broadband package). For businesses, a fixed IP address costs £10 per month.

What is VoIP and can I get it?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and basically allows you to make your telephone calls over the internet rather than via a telephone line. Your phone connects via a small box which is plugged into your broadband connection. If you order a VoIP package you will no longer need a landline at all, saving you money.

At Airband we don’t provide the actual VoIP service and we recommend that you carry out your own research on the web for suppliers of this type of broadband phone system. There are lots of suppliers with some great offers and packages from just a few pounds per month.

Just to say that everything has now been connected and fine tuned. Just done a speed test with Jon and I'm getting great speeds beyond my wildest dreams.

- Barbara, Worcestershire