Struggling to set up your router?

Setting up a wireless router needn’t be time-consuming, frustrating or stressful. If you follow our simple step-by-step guide, you’ll see that technology really is great (and easy too!).

It’s not uncommon to be unsure of how to set up a router. The best way to set up your router is to ignore the software which comes with it! It is much simpler to configure using your web browser ; just follow the steps below:

Manually Configure Your Router Without Set Up Software (we recommend this way!)

  1. Using an Ethernet cable, connect your wireless router to your modem.
  2. Next, connect your router to the power source and wait for a minute or so. This will make sure that the router is fully operational and ready to go.
  3.  Connect the wireless router to the computer, using an Ethernet cable.
  4.  Log in to the web interface of your router; you can do this by opening up a browser and entering the address of the router. This address should be within the documentation. (You may also discover this information on a label, placed on your router).
  5.  Pop in the default name and password of the router. Again, you should be able to find this with the paperwork you received. If you can’t, head to; you’ll be able to find it there.
  6.  Using the web interface, set up a network name and password.
  7.  Now…disconnect your computer from the wireless router and then reconnect it…wirelessly!

 Using Software

If you still feel you’d like to use the software, you still can! Our simple guide outlines how to do it:…

  1. Before we get started, make sure you’ve either got the disc to hand or you’re on the vendor’s website. Now…let’s get cracking…!
  2. Make sure that your router is totally disconnected from the power source, modem and the computer too.
  3. Insert the set-up disc or download and run the latest version of the software from the website.
  4.  Follow the instructions on-screen (that easy!). You’ll be asked to connect everything in a particular order and you might be asked to connect the computer and router, temporarily, by Ethernet cable.
  5. You’ll create a wireless network name and password now.
  6. If something goes wrong, don’t panic! Try and do it without using the software using the steps above.

I was very happy with the Service I received from the Engineer on Friday October 17th - top marks!

- Dr Dene Fokias, Tenbury