Speed up by Swapping Browser

Did you know that your internet speed could be slowed down by the very computer that you’re working on? But did you also know that there are a few minor adjustments you can make that will speed it up – and all very simple too!

There are a few contributing factors to the speed of your internet connection, and whilst there is no definitive ‘fastest browser’, this article will look at how the browser might be affecting the speed.


A great number of people use Internet Explorer which although is generally a good browser, it uses a large amount of resources.

It’s also worth remembering that as webpages and sites become more advanced, the processors required to load them will increase.

We recommend using a browser that can be customised to eliminate ads and other non-essentials to optimise you web surfing experience. We think the following are best:


  • Will block JavaScript, advertisements, Flash etc. unless you enable them
  • Has an add-on – Adblock Plus – which almost totally eliminates adverts and speeds up load time
  • Has an add-on – Fasterfox Lite – which offers enhanced speed options

Google Chrome

  • Uses a minimal amount of memory
  • Is good for sites that contain large amounts of JavaScript and Flash
  • Has an add-on – FastestChrome – which will speed things up a bit more


  • Has compression technology – Opera Turbo – which has been specifically designed for slower network connections

Another simple action you can take is to close any unused tabs you have open. You’d be surprised how much bandwidth they take up – whether you’re looking at them or not. Some webpages refresh themselves every few minutes or seconds – Facebook and Twitter are great examples.

Why don’t you allow cookies and caching? By doing this, you’ll speed up the time it takes the page to load. If you feel unsure about the security side of this, simply keep your default setting to ban all cookies and just add the sites that you trust to your ‘Exceptions’ list.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can speed up your browser – and can all be achieved in no time.

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- Dr Dene Fokias, Tenbury