So how does it actually work?

Living in rural Britain has its advantages; beautiful scenery and clean air are just two of the many reasons but one of the biggest disadvantages for many is slow internet speeds.

Many will roll their eyes at that statement but the level of frustration felt when your half way through streaming a TV show and it buffers, or just about to order concert tickets and it stops working, or it takes 30 minutes to send a simple email. Exasperation soon mounts up and slow internet can become a larger problem that’s part of daily life.

For so long people living in rural areas have been told that there is nothing that can be done about their 1.4Mb speeds (or if you’re really stuck, even slower) and that the cost of laying fibre cables is too much and so not a ‘commercially viable’ solution. This is all too common, but that’s where Airband can step in and provide the alternative solution for those stuck in these very circumstances.

Airband specialise in getting broadband to hard to reach, rural areas using fixed wireless broadband, meaning that there is no need to dig up roads to lay expensive cabling, and so takes a lot less time to get you up and running with superfast broadband.

Broadband providers and, well, the technology industry as a whole throw technical terms around as much as possible in what feels like a bid to bamboozle customers. We find that a few of our customers don’t necessarily understand a lot of the terminology used (neither did I when I first started this job!) so hopefully this will help with understanding some of the technology behind what we do and the process involved in getting you connected.

So how does it actually work?
Once you have checked that we have coverage in your area by entering your postcode on our postcode checker, you will be able to proceed to ordering. Once that is all done and dusted, we’ll conduct a survey here in the office on our mapping software, and then if all is good to go, an engineer will visit your home to carry out a ‘survey to install’. This means that the engineer will double check we are able to get a connection to you and then get you all set up.

What will happen at the installation?
A small receiver (about the size of a 2pint milk carton) is placed on your property, generally at the highest point or at the point where it has best line of sight with your closest transmitter. Your superfast broadband service is then relayed back to your receiver, cabled into your home and plugs straight into a cable router that will provide WiFi inside your home. It’s that simple – you’re then ready to stream/download/game and search the internet to your heart’s content.

What equipment do you need to provide?
Aside from your computer or mobile device, you’ll need a fixed cable router and a surge suppressor. These can be selected from Airband as options when you order your broadband service, or alternatively you can purchase from any good computer/technology store.

What is Fixed Wireless Broadband?
Fixed Wireless broadband provides you with high-speed internet access using radio signals rather than cables (like your TV Aerial). The biggest advantage of fixed wireless is that it is an affordable, relatively quick and fast solution for rural areas, as it uses radio signals there is no need to dig up the road.

What is Line of Sight?
Line of sight simply means that the receiver on your property can see the transmitter. You don’t need to be able to see it with your own eye.

What’s the difference between download speed and monthly usage?
Download speed – Mb is an abbreviation for Megabits per Second. A Megabit is a unit of measurement for the speed of data transfer over the internet and is your broadband speed, i.e. how long it takes for a web page to load/open

Monthly usage – GB is an abbreviation for Gigabyte and this is a measurement that refers to the amount of data being transferred. It’s a bit like a pay-as-you-go mobile phone, if you have a monthly usage limit i.e. 80GB then when you have used that up you would need to buy more to carry on using the internet for that month.

Not sure which package to choose?
It’s completely up to you but try and consider how much you are going to use the internet and what you are going to use it for. If you want to dive straight into watching TV online or playing computer games over the internet, then having unlimited monthly usage is for you as these things can eat up your usage.

If you’re a part-time internet user and just want to send the odd email and maybe watch a few YouTube videos then a ‘capped’ monthly usage package maybe more your thing.

If you’re unsure, you can always choose the lowest package and upgrade at anytime for no extra cost if you find that you’re using more than you expected – win-win!

Still got some questions about how Airband works visit our website.

The internet is running about 40 times faster and has made the running of my business much easier.

- Matt Williams, Guilsfield