Airband putting the last ten percent first in Worcestershire

In just 5 months Airband Wholesale has implemented the necessary infrastructure to deliver high speed broadband into two and a half thousand homes across 14 rural parishes of Worcestershire.

Supported with funding secured by Worcestershire County Council and interest rallied by local community coordinators over 450 customers have  already signed up to the service and are enjoying broadband ten or twenty times faster than before. Airband’s residential and business services offer typical speeds of between 20 mbps  and 50 mbps.

This has come at a time when the government’s own audit office has raised concerns over the progress of Broadband Britain at the national level. With the programme slipping in many areas by nearly two years and some areas struggling to get off the ground, schemes such as this between Airband and County Council demonstrate it is possible to quickly and cost effectively connect rural residents and businesses. So the last ten percent, don’t have to be last after all.

In the first few months of 2014 Airband has brought high speed broadband to the villages of Shrawley and Rock.

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BBC article: UK rural broadband rollout criticised by auditors.

Full press release from Worcestershire County Council’s Faster Broadband programme.

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It's fantastic to have proper high speed internet at last! John and the rest of the install team were great, please pass along my thanks.

- Andrew Green, Powys