Protect yourself from viruses

All people want to feel safe in their home but with the introduction of the internet, it soon became apparent that sometimes, we’re not as protected as we could be. Airband feel that it’s really important that you feel comfortable using your internet connection and so we’ve pulled together some helpful information about firewalls for you.

Firstly, what are firewalls? Firewalls offer great protection from hackers that are trying to get into your computer system. They help to protect against ‘worms’ – these are viruses that travel from computer to computer – and they’re great at protecting you from outgoing traffic that has originated from a virus infection. Think of it as a sort of ‘border control’ for your computer – keeping the nasties away!

However, despite firewalls being a great tool to help keep you safe online, they’re not a solid barrier. You must be very aware of who (and what) you give permission to your computer to – that’s programmes, software and allowing other computers to access yours too.

There are also instances of viruses being able to create a backdoor through the firewall – this is exactly as it sounds and is essentially an inconspicuous way for the virus to dig its way into your system.

And finally, be vigilant with the websites you visit – there are a lot of sites that, on the surface, feel entirely legitimate but unfortunately, aren’t.

Introducing a personal firewall to your computer system will help limit the risk of danger. The personal firewall does what it says on the tin – it should be installed on every computer that’s connected to the internet. Windows offers a free personal firewall and is included with its operating systems. However, you can replace this with another firewall of your choice – some websites offer firewall software which can be downloaded from the internet – some of them free of charge. There are also a variety of internet security packages that you have an incorporated firewall as part of its protection.

Being safe in your home is as important to us as it is to you – check and double-check that your firewall is activated. If you don’t have one, think about sorting one as soon as you can get round to it.

Just to say that everything has now been connected and fine tuned. Just done a speed test with Jon and I'm getting great speeds beyond my wildest dreams.

- Barbara, Worcestershire