Getting out and about in Exmoor

On 9th August, In the howling wind and pouring rain Airband set up camp for the day at the Devon and Somerset Staghounds and Exmoor Pony Society show in Exford.

After wrestling with the gazebo and trying not to fly away like Mary Poppins (at least we gave the trader opposite us something to laugh at!) we were hopeful that the weather would change and in fairness it did, some 5 hours later!

We love going to shows like this as it not only gives us the opportunity to talk to people and let them know who we are and the service we can provide for them (superfast broadband) but we get the opportunity to speak to our existing customers face to face. We met so many existing customers at the show and we were grateful that they took the time to come and say hello, point out on our map where they are and tell us that they are really happy with the service we provide them with.

We had the normal conversations with some people who had not heard about us but proclaimed that “there is no way you can reach me” which gives us the opportunity to explain how our system works using fixed wireless broadband and radio transmissions they realised that actually we probably can get them superfast broadband and increase their current 1.4Mbps (on a good day) to up to 30 Mbps!

We get told “there is no way you will reach me” quite a lot as it is something people in rural areas are used to hearing from other broadband providers but if you live in an area where we have coverage – Somerset, Devon, Shropshire, Wales or Worcestershire it is definitely worth putting your postcode into our postcode checker  to see if we can. If we’re not there yet, you can enter your details and we’ll notify you when we have service in your area.

We supply fixed wireless broadband which means that we do not have to dig up the road to lay cables to get to your property. We just need to make sure you have ‘line of sight’ to a transmitter and with a small receiver placed at the highest point of your property (it is about the size of a 2pint milk carton)..

We are out and about at shows over the next few weeks so if you’re planning on attending any, come over and say hello!

Chagford Show – Thursday 17th August 2017
Dunster Show – Friday 18th August 2017
Widecombe Fair – Wednesday 13th September 2017

We are wholly delighted with the exceptional service from Airband, from the thoughtful, helpful office staff to the lovely engineer who got us set up so quickly and efficiently - definitely puts other providers to shame.

- Aishlyn, Devon