Need some help with your new year’s resolutions?

It’s January 2015! We hope you really enjoyed the festive break and are now refreshed and excited for the New Year. We’ve put together some really useful top Airband tips for starting your new year with a bang.

We certainly are and we’ve made some great resolutions too; the whole Airband team will be becoming fitter! Each member now has a Fitbit wristband and we’re really monitoring the amount of activity we do – with the intention of increasing it!

They’re great little gadgets that really make it easy to keep an eye on your progress and simply connect wirelessly to your smartphone or PC. (We’re even offering an incentive to the most improved – we’ll see how that goes!).

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? It’s very common to decide on one (or more if you like a challenge!) but, very soon, fall back into our old ways. And so, we thought we’d help you out and support you in your quest!

We’ve found a couple of websites that are brilliant for offering you support – the first, in particular, also gives you the chance to support somebody else in their own challenge. is a superb site that creates a real sense of connection, not least because of the chain of resolutions set out by registered members. Its basis is very simple – register your New Year’s Resolution, be coached by the person who registered directly before you and then become a coach yourself for the next person to join!

If you have a fitness or health related resolution in mind, it may well be worth a visit to . This is an official NHS website and it offers a great deal of information regarding some important aspects of your health. In particular, it really focuses on the simple changes you can make to your diet for the best; that includes great recipes (that are simple!), how to schedule a bit of exercise into your day easily, the effects of alcohol and how to cut down and much more!

So, will you be making a really positive change to your lifestyle? Will you learn something new or will you give yourself more ‘me’ time? Whatever your resolutions may be, we wish you good luck!

The internet is running about 40 times faster and has made the running of my business much easier.

- Matt Williams, Guilsfield