My connection keeps timing out?!

Losing your Internet connection can be a frustrating experience, but there are 4 very common causes for this. (There may be other causes but these really are the top 4). They’re all simply discovered and then rectified so fear not; you’ll soon be on the way to a smooth and seamless connection!

1               Router Issues can be a really common factor in connection loss. Before you do anything else, just check that your cables are all securely plugged in. If that doesn’t work, just have a quick look to see if your firmware is up-to-date.  If it’s not, you can normally pop onto the manufacturer’s website and download it from there.

Now, if you suspect you may have to change some hardware, don’t do so until you’ve reset the router first. This will resolve any corrupt settings that are causing the router to keep timing out.

2               The Range of your router is important to know. They’re all device-specific;  Wireless-G routers tend to have a shorter range than Wireless-N routers. Of course, the end result is also dependent on the router antenna that you use. If you’re suddenly experiencing problems with your connection timing out, it may be that you’ve moved to outer reaches of the router’s range or that the router needs replacing. Treat yourself to a uni-directional router and you’ll have a more directed signal and a boosted range.

3               Signal Interference can be a huge problem for routers! Devices in your home that use a wireless signal (cordless telephone, microwave, etc.) can really play havoc with the Internet signal; interrupted signal = lost connection. The problem can be affected by the time of day (when your use of other devices increases) and by metal objects and walls too so be aware of where you put your router and it’ll help create a much stronger signal!

4               Overloading Your Router can happen! Some routers limit the number of devices that can be connected at any one time; when you reach that number, the signal may well cut out. Your network also shares bandwidth with other users in your area and so, your connection may cut out when their use increases too. Clearly, you can’t do much about your neighbours’ use, but you can minimise the amount of devices connected in your own house.

Keeping your wireless router’s connection strong may seem frustrating but if you check and adhere to the 4 points above, the chances are you’ll benefit from a stronger, healthier connection…which, of course, is great!

The internet is running about 40 times faster and has made the running of my business much easier.

- Matt Williams, Guilsfield