Make your password secure

There’s not a lot that we don’t do on the internet these days – from ordering gifts to the weekly shop, so a huge amount of personal information is shared with websites including your name, address, date of birth and, of course, even your bank and PayPal details. That’s why it’s imperative that you choose a good, strong password that will help to keep your information secure.

First and foremost, a password with 8 or more characters will be much more secure . Now, if you can add some numbers, punctuation and a symbol or two in there as well, it’ll make it much harder for cybercriminals to try and guess it.

It’s also really important to use different passwords for different sites. If your password does get into the wrong hands, the chances are that the criminals involved will try their luck and attempt to get into other sites using it.

And while we’re on the subject, change your passwords frequently.

How to create a strong internet password

1. Start with a sentence that you’ll remember easily.

Choose your password wisely

2. Remove the spaces between the words.


3. Deliberately misspell a word (but make sure it’s a spelling you’ll remember!)


4. And finally, add a number that means something to you (this will not only lengthen the password but it will make it much more secure too).


We really hope this short guide has helped you to produce a safe and secure password that will help to protect your accounts online.

We are wholly delighted with the exceptional service from Airband, from the thoughtful, helpful office staff to the lovely engineer who got us set up so quickly and efficiently - definitely puts other providers to shame.

- Aishlyn, Devon