Stay one step ahead of your kids and social media

We all know how fascinating the internet is and to be fair, it will probably never cease to be, There are endless answers to endless questions and there is, of course, the social side of it too. Who knew that one day, we’d be able to chat to people all over the world via a computer screen?

However, as fun and exciting as it is, it also poses an incredible risk to our younger generations; those that have yet to learn about the darker side of life, and in this case, the internet. As it is really important that you understand the dangers for children on social media, we’ve compiled this list of 4 simple things that you can do to help protect and understand your child and their social media accounts.

1. Chat openly

If you can build a great relationship up with your child, it goes without saying that they’ll trust you enough to come to you if they’re in trouble. But…make sure you chat with them about the dangers of the internet too. If they know the possible risks, it makes the likelihood of them bowing down to peer pressure much less.

2. Check their apps regularly

If you know which apps your child is using, you have a head-start in understanding what they’re doing. You could also download those apps yourself; that way, you’ll know inside out, exactly what they’re doing. It’ll also enable you to see who they’re communicating with and how.

3. Arm yourself with knowledge about social media sites

If you know which social media sites and tools your child is using, ‘friend’ them or ‘follow’ them. This is a great way of learning about the sites in question and also knowing how your child is communicating with the outside world.

4. Gain access to their accounts

Assuming your child is super-savvy when it comes to social media (because most are), ask them to give you their own passwords to their own accounts. There are many ways in which the sites can block people from seeing posts and so, with access, you can keep tabs on what your child is doing.

The internet is a great place to be – so long as you’re aware of the dangers. Unfortunately, teens just aren’t.

Get yourself and your child clued up and you have a much better chance of survival in the hungry world that the internet can be.

It's fantastic to have proper high speed internet at last! John and the rest of the install team were great, please pass along my thanks.

- Andrew Green, Powys