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Switching broadband providers

Ok, ok, so switching providers is a nightmare right? Wrong! It’s actually really simple, and means you’ll get a better broadband service sooner rather than later.

Step 1:

Check the contract you have with your current provider

First things first, you need to check your current broadband contract to see if you’ve completed the minimum contract term (you can always give them a quick call to check too).

If you are outside of your minimum contract period, you can continue and jump to Step 2.

If you are still in contract, there may be a cancellation fee for leaving early. If you’re happy to pay the fee, you can continue on to Step 2, or if you’d rather wait until your current contract is up, fill in ‘I’m still in contract!’ form at the bottom of the page, and we’ll send you a reminder just before the end of your contract.

Step 2:

Check Airband coverage

If you haven’t already, enter your postcode into our postcode checker found here.

If we cover your area or address, you’ll be able to view the packages on the page and follow the instructions to order your Airband service. If this is the case, you can go to Step 3.

If you enter your postcode and we unfortunately don’t currently have coverage in your area, it’s definitely worth filling in the register interest form that will be on the page. We’re a community broadband provider, so with enough interest registered in your area, we’ll then look into building a network for your village or parish.

Step 3:


Once you’ve ordered your service, our friendly team will be in touch to arrange the installation of your broadband.

As our technology relies on line of sight, we can never guarantee that we’ll be able to install you on the initial visit. As a precaution, we advise that you keep your existing broadband supply until we’ve installed Airband, to ensure that you have as little downtime as possible.

Step 4:

Contact your existing provider

Once Airband is installed, you’ll need to make sure that you stop the service you get from your old provider and cancel the contract, if you haven’t already done so.

Help, I'm in contract!

  • Still in a contract with another ISP? Fill in the below form and we will get in touch when your contract is nearing its end.

It's fantastic to have proper high speed internet at last! John and the rest of the install team were great, please pass along my thanks.

- Andrew Green, Powys