Get the party started this Christmas!!

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat – and we think it’s the perfect time to spend time with the family and enjoy creating memories. Here, we’ve compiled a short list of a few really great Christmas party games that are easy to set up…and really good fun to play!

For a calm, relaxed game after a big lunch, a Christmas Word Find is ideal – simply find as many words within a Christmas related word as quickly as you can! (Words could be poinsettia, Christmas Santa Claus, reindeer… the list is endless!).

You could play Christmas Carol Charades for some really laugh-out-loud moments or perhaps a game of Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph or the Halo on the Angel – these are rib-ticklers!

For something a little more skill-related, why not take down your wreath from your front door and play Through the Wreath? Simply grab a ping pong ball and use the wreath as your goal!

If you can get hold of some plastic disposable cups, you can experience a really competitive Dad or Uncle playing Plastic Cup Stacks! Using 21 cups and beginning the pyramid with a base of 6 cups, you could time the competitors or, perhaps to make it more interesting, give them a time limit! This game is also great for children and can easily be amended to make it more suitable for their different age groups.

Perhaps, using the beakers you used for the stacking game, you could play Christmas Bounce?! Simply write some scores on the base of the cups (or use sticky labels) and throw a number of ping pong balls into the cups. Each cup has its score so tot up the total and the winner, of course, is the one that gets the highest number!

Maybe you have a miniature Christmas tree – have you thought about playing Speed Decorating?! Simply time the contestants (or give them a time limit) to decorate the tree (or maybe even a person?!) and laugh your socks off along the way!

This is a magical time of year and we hope you have fun, enjoy yourselves and stay very safe over the Christmas Break.

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- Dr Dene Fokias, Tenbury