Fair use policy

Like all broadband services, Airband also has a Fair Use Policy in place to make sure all of our customers have access to a reliable broadband connection, whatever the time of day.

What is a Fair Use Policy?

Unless you have a dedicated line (leased line), most people will share a broadband connection line. This means that if there is one customer constantly downloading or using peer-to-peer sharing sites, it will slow down the connection for everyone else using the internet at the same time.

Fair Use policies are put in place to make sure that one person isn’t ruining the experience for all other customers. If a heavy-internet user continues after warnings, they may have their speeds restricted at peak times, their service suspended, or in worst case scenarios, have their service terminated.

What is considered Fair Use?

Normal internet usage is perfectly fine and will not impact broadband speeds for either yourself or other customers. Anything from day-to-day surfing, checking emails and reasonable downloading/streaming is perfectly fine – but downloading several huge files such as HD movies each day, particularly at peak evening times, is unfair, and will most certainly impact the network performance.

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We are wholly delighted with the exceptional service from Airband, from the thoughtful, helpful office staff to the lovely engineer who got us set up so quickly and efficiently - definitely puts other providers to shame.

- Aishlyn, Devon