Everyone’s talking about rural broadband

We had an exciting moment this week when Red, Airband’s Director, found himself on BBC Television! On Sunday 13th July, Red was interviewed by the Daily Politics show and discussed the importance of bringing broadband to rural areas; for businesses, in particular.

A real hot topic at the moment is Rural Broadband – this is the term used for, well, any method of delivering broadband to rural residents of the UK.

Unfortunately, the nature of the communications infrastructure means that there are isolated areas dotted around the United Kingdom in which the internet services just aren’t accessible over the old phone lines that BT provides.

This creates what is known as the Digital Divide – this is exactly as it sounds. It describes the gap between rural areas receiving sub 1Mbps and urban areas that receive up to 1Gbps.

It’s becoming widely known now that these areas suffering with lower broadband speeds are really being helped – and Airband, with our wireless technology are doing a great job, it seems!

Currently, the majority of the focus is on the 10% hardest to reach areas. The intention is to bring the super-fast broadband solutions beyond the 2Mbps standard –the UK Government aim and hope to have this delivered by 2015.

Using wireless technology to deliver super-fast broadband to a rural business is a simple, effective method and enables people (and businesses) to connect as, when and how those in more urban areas can and do.

Closing the Digital Divide is what it’s all about – and as an organisation passionate about what we do, we’re excited about seeing every part of the UK with super-fast broadband!

The installation engineers were efficient, competent and polite and we had the internet up and running immediately.

- Julie and Mark Thomas, Herefordshire