Connecting the Great British Village Hall

Here at Airband, our vision is to help as many people as we can to get connected with a fast broadband connection to rival that of those in urban areas, after all, why shouldn’t we all be able to access the internet?

Our passion stems from community, as we believe that great communities make the UK a great country, and rural parishes make up a huge proportion of our British communities. This is how ‘Connecting the Great British Village Hall’ was born.

Connecting the Great British Village Hall


Whilst we have connected village halls in the past, the real drive came from when we first embarked on our Dartmoor and Exmoor project. As part of our community engagement, we travelled across both moors, alongside the council and Get Up To Speed team, visiting village halls and giving presentations to communities about our project, our technology and how we planned to connect people to our superfast network.

It was at this point we truly realised how vital village halls are to rural communities. They act as a hub for all locals Рoffering a space for all manner of activities and for all age groups Рfrom kids clubs to fitness classes to birthday parties. Places like Dartmoor and Exmoor are insanely beautiful, but with a stunning, peaceful and untouched environment, also comes a level of isolation, often remedied in part by village events, societies and clubs. These halls are what bring a community together.

Connecting the Great British Village Hall

We’re working our way around Dartmoor, searching for village halls that we can reach with our network and then providing them a free connection. To date we’ve got two halls connected and three awaiting installation, with a few more in mind.

When speaking to those in charge of looking after the halls, we have found that the word ‘free’ has threw a few people off. Whilst ‘free’ does mean as it says, most of the time there’s catch, or some very small terms and conditions wedged in somewhere along the way. Not with us though. When we say free we really do mean FREE! That is, no install charge, no monthly fee and no hidden costs. Zilch, zip, zero. Absolutely free.

Where to next?

Once the Dartmoor village hall campaign is complete, we’re off to Exmoor to help get its communities connected and its village halls digitally up to date. Who knows where else afterwards…watch this space!


Connecting the Great British Village Hall has now finished but keep checking our News page for our next project to ensure that people living and working in Rural areas get a superfast broadband connection.

The installation engineers were efficient, competent and polite and we had the internet up and running immediately.

- Julie and Mark Thomas, Herefordshire