Bringing Superfast broadband to Shropshire and beyond

On the 10th July 2017 it was announced by Connecting Shropshire that Airband Community Internet Ltd will be the delivery partner for the next phrase of Shropshire Council area over the next three years.

So what does this actually mean?
In a nutshell it means that over the next few years Airband will be responsible for delivering superfast broadband to over 14,000 homes and businesses in the Shropshire Council area.

The technology employed by Airband is wireless which works by sending a signal from a transmitter on a mast, to a receiver attached to the property. A cable is then run into the building allowing the end user to access the internet in the same way as any other broadband connection. The great thing about this type of technology is that it means rural and hard to reach residents can be supplied a reliable, quality broadband connection with fibre speeds, but without the need for fibre.

How will this impact Shropshire as a whole?
This development is fundamental to Shropshire enabling more people living, working and visiting Shropshire to benefit from faster internet connection speeds therefore bringing more people into the area, boosting industry and the local economy, and making life in this fast paced technological world easier for residents.

Airband have excellent experience of working with stakeholders with interest in sensitive landscapes meaning that they will ensure that the beauty of Shropshire will not be disturbed. There is no need to be scared of large masts being built in the rolling hillsides. Many existing commercial sites and buildings will be used wherever possible and although some new transmitters will need to be built, in many cases these will often resemble telephone poles.

If you haven’t already done so you can register your interest by entering your postcode here or for more information on the Connecting Shropshire project, click here

But what if your not in Shropshire?
This is fantastic news for Shropshire as a whole but if you are reading this and thinking ‘but I’m not in Shropshire, what’s the benefit for me?’, Airband have successful networks already in place across Worcestershire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Powys, Warwickshire, North and South Wales, Devon and Somerset, providing reliable, high speed broadband to those who really need it in rural and hard to reach areas. You can check to see if you’re covered by visiting and entering your postcode.

But what if you have been told countless times you can’t get superfast broadband?
So many of the areas Airband cover will have previously been told by larger internet providers that they are unable to get high speed internet. Using fixed wireless technology,  Airband are able to reach those that previously haven’t had any support from other providers. What’s more, Airband also deliver speeds of up to 500Mbps with no need to dig up roads or cause disruption, meaning that if you’re near to the network, you could be connected in a matter of days.
To check out if you are able to get superfast broadband through Airband check here 

The internet is running about 40 times faster and has made the running of my business much easier.

- Matt Williams, Guilsfield