Fauntleroy-Brand Family

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Fauntleroy-Brand Family, Exmoor


The Fauntleroy-Brand family needed a strong and reliable broadband connection for multiple reasons. Grace runs a business, Simply Learning Languages, that involves Skype tuition calls.

Gregory uses the internet to research for his Open University courses and 19-year-old Joshua is studying 3D animation at college and needs to download huge files.

The Challenge

Living in a farmhouse perched on the edge of Exmoor, a good drive from the nearest hamlet of Heasley Mill, the Fauntleroy-Brands are in a truly isolated position.

Fauntleroy-Brand Family - 3“The downside of our location is that the Internet has been a problem for years,” explains Gregory.



Over the years, the family has experimented with a range of broadband solutions.

“We had BT but we had a very poor connection – we had less than one third Mbps download speeds and we couldn’t stream images. We also used satellite internet, but it had a ridiculously low cap which we exceeded very quickly. It also used to slow you down periodically to the point to which it became pointless.

The Solution

Because robust internet was important for the family, the most effective solution was to install a telegraph pole mast with a receiver and a transmitter on the family’s land to connect to the main Airband network, and a small Cambium 450 radio on the house to feed broadband to the farm.

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The Results

With the new system, the Fauntleroy-Brands get download speeds of 30Mbps and upload speeds of 15Mbps. Grace is able to communicate to her students via Skype and Josh is able to quickly download/upload the big files he needs for his animation work.

“The Airband solution has a little fluctuation in speed but it’s the best by far of the four systems we have tried.” said Gregory. “We’re really pleased with it.”

The Brand family had Airband’s Business Unlimited 30 package which offers 30Mbps download 15Mbps upload and unlimited data

Just to say that everything has now been connected and fine tuned. Just done a speed test with Jon and I'm getting great speeds beyond my wildest dreams.

- Barbara, Worcestershire