5 ways to get better WiFi signal in your home

Wireless networks in the home are all very good, but getting the signal to every corner of the home is a hard challenge. These five tips will make sure that you improve your home WiFi and post pictures from every nook and cranny of your home!

Change channels

One simple way of improving the signal in the home is to change the wireless channels. On a new router the wireless channel is predetermined and in crowded residential areas often this can cause interference. A tool called inSSIDer (which you can download from the web) can scan the area (picking up the channels most used in the area) and then show the least used channel. The channel can then be changed on the router which is really easy to do.

Router update

Routers are essentially mini computers and they run software. A lot of the time updating this can help eradicate any issues with connectivity and more often than not help with security. Firmware can be checked by using the router interface.

Move your router

The wireless signal from a router can only transmit so far but thick walls can hinder the signal. Having the router in an attic or in the corner of the house can reduce the signal and bandwidth. The most ideal position for a router is in the middle of the house; this ensures that the router can pick up every device in the home.

Use a repeater

Most wireless router manufactures also make repeater devices that forward on the signal to a larger area. Sometimes they are a bit difficult to set up but the offer boosted signal in the area of that device. They generally are used to cover the “dead zones” in a house.

Purchase a new router

If all else fails, you could just purchase a new router, especially if it is a number of years old. A router from 2009 or before would certainly need replacing as new standards for wireless technology have been launched and newer devices can handle the demands for online gaming and video streaming.

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