5 Apps to Help You Sleep Better

Whether it’s a problem with peeling yourself away from social media or stress-induced insomnia, it’s a well known fact that, whilst we are all different, about 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night is what we should be getting, but many of us fall short.

The tech world has recognised this as a problem and is working on ways to help you sleep better using clever apps. A lot of us sleep with our smartphones right next to us, so why not make the most of some of the best they have to offer…

sleep cycle appWake up easier with Sleep Cycle
Basic version is free

Sleep Cycle is what is known as a smart alarm clock that monitors and detects your sleep patterns and movements. The idea of this clever app is to wake you up at an optimal time, for example, when you are in a ‘light sleep’ phase, and as a result, you wake up feeling much perkier than if you had been woken up in the middle of a deep sleep.

You can set your waking up period as anything from 10mins to 90mins, and if in that period Sleep Cycle feels a strong movement that indicates you’re sleeping lightly, it will use the alarm to wake you up at that time.

motionx appMonitor it all with MotionX 24/7

Like Sleep Cycle, MotionX 24/7 monitors and analyses your sleep, using an intelligent alarm clock that will intuitively wake you during your lightest period of sleep within a window that you set.

Unlike ordinary smart alarm clocks, MotionX 24/7 also has a built in Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor and Activity Tracker that all record your statistics and allow you to set up customised alerts on things such as when you have been ‘idle’ for too long.

This app is quite highly regarded and offers a lot of features for a little cost, all wrapped up in a neat, clean user interface.

relax and sleep appUse Relax & Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold to help you get to sleep
Basis version is free

Voted as the best insomnia app of 2015, Relax & Sleep Well is a hypnosis and meditation app created by best-selling self help author, Glenn Harrold. This app takes you through self-hypnosis sessions that help to alleviate stress and anxiety and ultimately overcome insomnia.

The app comes with around an hour of free sessions, and there are various in-app purchases for either extra sessions or ebooks. Relax & Sleep Well has been reviewed several times and is considered one of the most effective sleep-aid apps around.

pzizz appPower nap with Pzizz
Basis version is free

Pzizz is designed to have two roles, either getting you to sleep, or helping you to power nap. The app uses a combination of a soothing voice and binaural tones to get you to sleep. Binaural tones are a type of audio recording where different frequencies of sound are used to influence brainwave activity.

A lot of sleep inducing apps tend to become ineffective after a while for some people, as the same lulling sounds tend not to work after a while, but Pzizz has 1 billion different combinations of sounds to ensure everytime you use the app you have a different sound to get you to sleep.

This app has been around for a long while so has definitely stood the test of time, proving to work for users all around the world.

Sleep appUse Sleep Sounds & SPA Music to block out distracting sounds

This app is super easy to use, with a full customisable soundboard that gives you thousands of possible combinations to get you to sleep. Sleep Sounds & SPA Music features around 100 different sounds and music that can be mixed, from nature sounds to white noise to lullabies.

This app also features a clock and timers so you can set different sounds to start when you are either going to sleep or waking up.

Just to say that everything has now been connected and fine tuned. Just done a speed test with Jon and I'm getting great speeds beyond my wildest dreams.

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